1963 Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Warsaw Academy of Fine Art

1968 Alliance Graphique Internationale Scholarship

1971 Dutch Government Scholarship

1972-1985 Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdańsk

1972 Expert on Modern Art for The Ministry of Culture

1978 Award for Contributions to Culture

1985-2007 Professor Kunstuniversitat in Linz, Austria

1986-1992 Dean of the Department of Graphics

1992-1996 Pro-Rector

1996 Dean of the Department of Graphics

1999 Professor Fachhochschule, Hagenberg, Austria

Participation in Exhibitions:

between 1959 and 2010 over a 100 exhibitions in Poland and abroad


Marek Freudenreich divides himself between Austria and his beautiful lakeside home in Sejnenszczyzna, in Poland. He has spent a lifetime applying his creative genius to his art and teaching. His art does not stop just at his posters but continues a rich vein through every aspect of his life and home which he shares with Janina and, of course, Koko, Dobcia, Bora and Malutka, not forgetting the cats. Marek and Janina frequently enjoy the company of their children and friends.

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