The National Institute of Fine Arts, Xalapa, Mexico

Danish Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

Fox Collection, Pennsylvania, USA

Museum of Applied Art in Munich, Germany

The City Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The City Museum, The Hague, The Netherlands

California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles, USA

Library of Congress, Washington, USA

West Chester University, Pennsylvania, USA

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg, Germany

The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, Japan

The National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

The National Museum, Poznań, Poland

University of Colorado, USA

Museum of Applied Art, Cologne, Germany

The City Museum, Duisburg, Germany

German Poster Museum, Essen, Germany

The National Museum in Jerusalem

The Poster Museum, Lahti, Finland

Poster Museum, Wilanów, Poland


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1. Logo for screening machines   2. The Wigry Museum   3. Chopin 1810-2010